Lech Lecha, "Are you Crossing Boundaries?"

Noach, Enter the Ark of His Favor

Elul The KING is in YOUR Field

Parashat Va-Etchannan, Shabbat Nachamu, From a Divine Hug, to a New Beginning" 

Parashat Devarim, "Words Matter"

Parashat Pinchas, "Where's your Zeal?" Rabbi Dr. Charlie Kluge

"We are what we Choose," Parashat Balak

"Life or Strife?" Parashat Chukat with Rabbi Dr. Charlie Kluge

"Let's Hang On." Parsha Shelach, Rabbii Dr. Charlie Kluge

"But do you Love Me?" Parsha Naso

"From the Wilderness to the Promise," Parsha Bamidbar

"Do You REALLY Trust God?"


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Shuva Yisrael of the Palm Beaches, A Ministry of Gesher International Inc., is a ministry committed to being a bridge to the Jewish and Christian communities of Palm Beach County to their promised Messiah. 

Gesher International, Inc.